COVID-19 Office Update

Our office is in the process of resuming most in-person services by appointment and we welcome new patients! Please email us at, text us at (626) 869-4059, or leave a voice message at (626) 578-9685 if you have any questions. We will try our best to reply to you as soon as we can.

Your safety and health is our highest priority. Our staff members are working diligently to maintain a safe environment for all our patients who are receiving care at our office.

IMPORTANT: Per the City of Pasadena, Los Angeles County, and California State requirements for visits to a doctor’s office, all patients and staff members will be subject to a brief temperature screening before entering our office, as well as the requirement of wearing face masks at all times during the visit. Download a PDF with further details of our Safety and Health Protocols.

If you are scheduled to come to our office and within the past 14 days you have been experiencing any symptoms, been in close contact with anyone with COVID, traveled out-of-state, or been on an airplane, please inform our staff immediately to reschedule your appointment.

* If you have a sight or life-threatening emergency, please call 911 or contact your nearest Emergency Room *

Special Needs Eye Doctor in Pasadena - Los Angeles CA Metro Area, Pasadena, CA

Your Special Needs Eye Doctor in Pasadena - Los Angeles CA Metro Area, Pasadena

Special Needs Eye Doctor in Pasadena - Los Angeles CA Metro Area, Pasadena, CA

Specialty Eye Tests, Therapy, and/or Lenses for Special Needs Patients of All Ages

Special Needs Exam

Our eye doctors are very experienced in the evaluation and treatment of the visual health and function of all types of special needs patients, including pediatric, geriatric, developmental delays, and nonverbal.

Special Needs Eye Exam / Vision Tests

Individuals with special needs and/or developmental delays require special testing of their eye health and visual function. We are experienced in comprehensive eye exams and effective treatments for special needs and/or nonverbal patients, including infants, children and adults with developmental delays and/or traumatic brain injury.

Special Prescriptions and/or Prism Lenses for Autism, Brain Injury, and other Special Needs Individuals

We are experienced in the total vision care of special needs individuals who typically need much more than a standard 20-20 eyeglasses prescription. We prescribe lenses that go beyond 20-20 eyesight correction and are fine-tuned to the total vision of the special needs patient. Our customized eyeglasses prescriptions can be life-changing.

Developmental Vision Care for Special Needs

In so many cases, the right prescription is significant, but so much more improvement and success is possible for the special needs patient with our developmental optometric care and treatments, such as Vision Therapy. Call us to find out about our lenses and/or developmental eye care and therapy programs for special needs patients. Our practice has a special committment to providing extraordinary vision care for special needs patients, , including the developmentally delayed!

To learn more about our special needs vision care and to learn about how we treat the eyes / visual conditions associated with many special needs diagnoses, see:

There's More to Healthy Vision than 20/20 Eyesight!

Learn more about symptoms of visual problems which affect
reading skills, learning disabilities and, in some cases, overall
reading, learning, school, sports and life success.